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Defining Targets

One of the critical components of EBM is how targets for NRV indicators are chosen. Targets can simply lie somewhere within the NRV range, set outside of that range, or even set to move in a specific direction. This is a challenge because our NRV knowledge is incomplete and staying within the range may not be the best option when other social, economic and ecological factors are considered.

Defining Targets Case Study

The 'Defining Targets' Journey

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Defining Targets

Targets and land use decisions at most scales are driven by administrative boundaries and societal demands and represented by government allocations. Land-use decisions are strongly influenced by existing uses and political considerations, challenging changes that would add an EBM focus. Government-led management direction often requires legislative change that would need to be developed with EBM in mind to consider broad environmental objectives.

A map of a natural disturbance type harvest

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The EBM Journey

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The journey is the process of supporting and sharing knowledge that will allow us to shift current forestry management towards EBM

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