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How, and with whom, decisions are made is a key part of EBM. Including a more diverse social, partner, and stakeholder base in planning and decision making is an explicit move towards EBM. 

Decision-Making Case Study

The 'Decision-Making' Journey

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Challenges &
Opportunities to EBM


Alberta and Saskatchewan have robust stakeholder engagement processes for forest management and related planning. But many are very specific and not consistent with EBM. Indeed, the decision-making process is often too narrowly focused to account for EBM outcomes and ecological change. The large number of engagement processes means that only when issues become controversial will they attract attention, leading to events becoming conflictual. EBM is a complex and fuzzy initiative and it is a challenge to engage stakeholders in an informed way.

A forester consulting with Indigenous partners

Photo credit: Mistik Management

The 4 Classes of EBM
EBM Wheel

The EBM Journey

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The journey is the process of supporting and sharing knowledge that will allow us to shift current forestry management towards EBM

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