The EBM Pillars


This EBM pillar’s elements address not only what it is we are managing, but why.

Strategy elements include the Role of Natural Range of Variation, Management Focus, and Ecosystem Components. These three elements can be the most difficult to change and pose the greatest challenge to governance systems.

Moose in a wetland
Strategy Elements
Role of NRV

How NRV knowledge is used in planning and management is perhaps the most critical EBM element. NRV knowledge can be […]

Management Focus

Traditional forest land management has resulted in stand-alone plans that consider individual values such as wood, fish, minerals, or natural […]

Ecosystem Components

Natural resource managers tend to break ecosystems into pieces and manage each as independent entities — the genesis of regulatory […]

The 4 Classes of EBM
EBM Wheel

The EBM Journey

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The journey is the process of supporting and sharing knowledge that will allow us to shift current forestry management towards EBM

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Who are we working with as we manage?
Why are we managing the resource?