The EBM Pillars


EBM cannot happen without broad and deep partnerships.

EBM requires partnerships, including adjacent and overlapping neighbours, governance agencies, and partners and stakeholders, all working towards management solutions. This pillar’s three elements are Neighbours, The Role of Regulators, and Decision-Making.

A group of workers in a forest
Partners Elements

Collaborating with neighbours is the key to eliminating “cumulative effects” — a human-created outcome of planning silos. In this case, […]

Role of Regulators

Traditionally, regulators used command and control to manage natural resources. Success was defined by specific, often binary (yes/no) outcomes with […]


How, and with whom, decisions are made is a key part of EBM. Including a more diverse social, partner, and […]

The 4 Classes of EBM
EBM Wheel

The EBM Journey

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The journey is the process of supporting and sharing knowledge that will allow us to shift current forestry management towards EBM

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Who are we working with as we manage?
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