Welcome to the Healthy Landscapes EBM Journey

Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) is a different way to manage forest resources. The change from how we manage resources today is a journey, not just a destination.

There has been much work done in the name of boreal forest management. Some of it has been done with EBM in mind. Some has been done in the pursuit of other objectives. Here, we not only describe what EBM is, but we present examples of research, collaborations, and demonstrations that show how and why EBM can improve boreal forest management.

We invite you to start your EBM journey here. If you are already on that road, we encourage you to explore and perhaps discover what your next step might be.

Banff Firesmart
Process :Operational Tools
Strategy :Ecosystem Components
Process :Monitoring
2000 – present
Parks Canada

Who we are

Active since 1996, the HLP has contributed dozens of studies, education and outreach products on diverse topics all intended to improve our understanding of EBM

The Healthy Landscapes Program is a forestry research partnership based at fRI Research. With a focus on Ecosystem Based Management, the HLP brings together industry professionals, government managers and university researchers led by Dr. David Andison.